Hear What clients have to say:


Ariel pushes me to get in shape and keep good habits! She has coached me to lift better and stronger and takes time to work with my unique style and my body's own strengths and limitations. Her sessions are fun and no two sessions are the same, keeping me engaged and my body from falling into a workout routine.

In 2013 I started a three year journey to health and weight loss. I hit 172 pounds, tipping the scale to "overweight" for my height for the first time in my life and knew it was time to shape up. After an amazing journey with MadPower Training I am now within 3 pounds of my goal weight, 142. In the last 3 months my training has gone from just weight loss to a new amazing level of body shaping thanks to tough and incredible personal training from Ariel. Ariel is the first trainer who makes me push my limits and see weight lifting as "so pretty!" I recently purchased a top that I would wear "only when I'm ready to feel body confident." And thanks to Ariel and the amazing staff at MadpPower Training I'm not only wearing the top, but posting my before and after pics here! So here we go: bathing suit Christine in 2013 at 172 and crop top Christine in 2016 at 145. Thank you, thank you, thank you to friends, family, and of course my trainers for helping my confidence, whipping me into shape, and giving me the opportunity to celebrate how hard work pays off.

Here's to the last 3 lbs!

-Christine D.

When I first met Ariel I had NO intention of training with her.  I didn't think someone who was into fitness as she was would be able to relate and help me, someone who is severely overweight.  I'm glad I was wrong!  Ariel made me feel really comfortable right away.  She is upbeat, kind, nonjudgmental, and willing to work with my limitations.  She never made me feel inferior because I wasn't able to do all the work outs her other clients were able to do.  I never thought someone who does body building would be so down to earth and kind to work with me someone who is on the complete other end of the fitness spectrum and make me feel so welcome, comfortable, and feel like I had a place in the gym.  

Sessions are always something different.  What I really like is that I can tell that Ariel tests my abilities but quickly adapts an exercise if she sees it is beyond my ability.  The great thing is that she does it in such a manner that I never feel like I'm less than anyone else, just that we are going to accomplish the same goal by doing something different that works for my body.  Also I'm a talker and I love that Ariel is open to talk about food, nutrition, and life in general between the sweating!  It is nice is work out with someone that is a genuine person that you want to spend time with, not someone that just barks out the next exercise to do. 

I would recommend anyone to train with Ariel.  I'm so happy that I've gotten the opportunity to work with her and my body and mind are stronger because of it.  I would especially recommend others, that like me, have a lot of weight to lose.  Her ability to make you feel comfortable is amazing!

Ariel made me feel so welcomed and comfortable that I took the leap to work out with her.  Things I have learned from Ariel:

  • I can do more than I give myself credit. 

  • Just keep moving.

  • How to tuck my tailbone.

  • There is always a modification (I don't even have to ask for it, she has it ready, she is one step ahead)

  • I can ask if I simply can't do something.

  • My biggest take away is that I belong in a gym, even if I can't do everything the fit women can do, I can still do a lot and I belong there just as much as they do, my extra weight and all!

    - Lindsay G.

What brought me to Ariel was her idea of sculpting the body. That is what I wanted to do - I wanted to trim off some fat and feel better.

In meeting with her and getting started, I learned quite a bit. I found out my range of motion was pretty poor, so another goal we added was to increase it and improve my posture. I also learned a lot about nutrition and how most of the information out there just isn’t right.

My results are great! I feel much better, I’ve lost fat, and gained better posture along with range of motion. I really like how she explains things and always gives 100%. She’s always ready to go and that says a lot about her character, how she runs her life, and that she cares. She’s the best trainer I’ve seen.

I highly recommend using Ariel for personal training and fitness related work. They’d be a fool not to.

- Tony H.


I found the packet of information to be: full of great food, encouragement and facts. You are good at putting exercise and food together and make room for people to be individuals. Meaning one exercise or meal plan does not work for all.

I love that you asked us questions about our work outs/lifestyles/Bodies while we were working out.

I feel like you are very attentive to our bodies/Movement- you might say that’s your job, but I have experience other trainers who are not as attentive!

-Aimee L.

My goals were to lose weight and gain flexibility.

Sessions are going to push you to your full ability.  Just when you think you can not do another thing,  Ariel says, ‘you’re doing great - you can finish this’.  And guess what, you find it in yourself to finish it out.  Her energy is infectious and makes you do your best.

Ariel works with all personalities and she accommodates special exceptions…ie bad KNEES…speaking from experience…she is always adjusting and making sure you are doing okay during the workout.  

Ariel is not just a personal trainer….she is a true friend that gets to know you as a total person. She will push you, but always knows the line and will never push you more than you want. You will be a different person if you work with Ariel. She is awesome…never judges but always supports and suggests how to improve you as a better body and person. She is very knowable about nutrition and the human anatomy… she could be a physical therapist or an occupational therapist.

- Maureen & Dave M.


Working with Ariel has given me great confidence not only in my ability to change my body but also great confidence in simply gaining the knowledge and tools to carry me through a life time of health. I look forward to her continued support and friendship as I can now come to her knowing she can help me obtain my goals!

-Alexandra K.

Since starting personal training with Ariel 4.5 months ago I have gained confidence in myself I never knew I had. She is amazing to work with and always has a smile on her face. I have lost 2" on my waist, .75" on my arms and .5" on my legs. Her knowledge of fitness paired with her nutrition knowledge is a combination that gets you to reach your goals.

- Abbey W.

I live a pretty different lifestyle than a lot of people. I work up to 90 hours a week; so working out with a high intensity is my zen.

I first met Ariel at the Mad Power studio in Madison, Wisconsin. I felt like I was working out a lot - up to 3 hours a day, but not seeing results like I should have. I signed up for personal training with her right after she started as an instructor. Instead of measuring my fat or giving me some bullshit endurance test, we talked about me. My schedule, my eating habits, my goals. All the things that a big box trainer wouldn't care about. She worked out a menu plan for me (turns out, eating once a day at 11pm wasn't cutting it) and started giving me tips and the real life version of what was going to happen to my body. I'm training for a fitness show in May. Something most women at 39 wouldn't be doing.

Super recommend Ariel - she's good at her job, so you can be good at yours.

Best. Trainer. Ever. She keeps me fit and zen as fuck #fitnessbyariel

- Amanda D.

Ariel is amazing! I've been training with her for over 6 months now, and have noticed a complete change in my body. She's helped me to lose weight, train for my triathlons, and helped me to get stronger/lift heavier than I ever though I could. She has a great personality and is always smiling and upbeat. She tailors ever session to what your fitness goals are.

I've lost over 20 pounds while training with Ariel, and I continue to lose weight. She has helped me to get stronger than I ever thought I could, while keeping me safe the entire time. I love the shape of my body and how strong I am, which is something I would have never thought I'd say.

Ariel is the best and I would 100% recommend her!

-Roxy V.

I learned that it is tough to keep yourself on track but with the encouragement of Ariel and the people in the group I was able to keep myself on track :)

I enjoyed working with you Ariel.  You are such a motivator and kept us working hard the whole time.  I had such a great experience with this.

-Melissa P.

Thank you Ariel! Your workouts were fun and so hard! I appreciate your knowledge on healthy eating and the recipes you provided were easy to prepare and delicious!

-Hanna D.

Today I had my first of many personal training sessions with Ariel Mierendorf at the studio. I've worked with fantastic trainers over the past 10 years but am so impressed with Ariel's unique ability to combine training for endurance events, aesthetics and mental strength. And, there was plenty of fun and laughter (better than to laugh than cry at rep 12)! Thanks, Ariel!

-Laura G.

A couple of months ago I decided besides regular workout classes I really needed someone to personally kick my butt! Someone to hold me accountable, eat better, and help me focus on important goals without any excuses. Yesterday we took measurements and I have lost 2" off my waist, hips, and thighs! It feels pretty darn good to see results from some hard work. This summer has been crazy busy for me with the business but I found a way to put in that hard work by telling myself "just get it done". Thanks Ariel for being such a great trainer. I look forward to making more progress 😍

-Michelle F.